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We’re in the mental health recovery field. Our audience are parents looking
for help for their children (young adults).

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What is recovery?

Clinical recovery

Your doctor might have talked to you about ‘recovery’. Some doctors and health professionals think of recovery as no longer having mental health symptoms. Sometimes this is called ‘clinical recovery’.

Personal recovery

Personal recovery means that you are able to live a meaningful life.Personal
recovery is individual to you. What is important to you, is likely to be different to what is important to someone else.

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The vision of Atlas is to build a strong group of multiple dental clinics in the Netherlands and Flanders where we focus on digitalization, optimization of the clinics and joint ventures within the group.

All the healthcare professionals – from the assistants to the dentists – are put at the center of our decisionmaking process. When acquiring future dental cli nics, we aim to maintain each clinic’s unique.

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Stynt is a National On-Demand staffing Platform that Connects Dental

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